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Redstone Company Update: Embracing Innovation, Empowering Learners, and Prioritising Safety

Redstone Training's Liverpool Rail Training Centre (RTC) had an exciting week with the arrival of Paul Conner and Reece Brenchley from Cembre Group, who showcased innovative battery-powered small plant equipment. Learners, accustomed to petrol-powered alternatives, enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to explore the new power format and found the battery-powered kit to be their preferred option. James from Danbro also visited to shed light on the umbrella payment mechanism used for Track Operatives in the railway industry, ensuring learners had a comprehensive understanding of payroll processes. Additionally, Network Rail presented their 'Step Up To Safety' initiative, leaving learners better prepared and safety-conscious. Redstone Training continues to prioritise innovation, empowerment, and safety in shaping the future of railway professionals.

This week, Redstone Training's Liverpool Rail Training Centre (RTC) witnessed an exciting development as Paul Conner and Reece Brenchley from Cembre Group joined us. They brought along an array of new and upcoming battery-powered small plant equipment, offering our learners a unique opportunity to explore the potential of this innovative technology. Having previously only worked with petrol-powered alternatives, our learners eagerly embraced the chance to compare the two power formats.

After experiencing first-hand the performance of battery-powered tools, our learners were eager to share their thoughts. Interestingly, the consensus among the group was that the battery-powered kit emerged as their preferred option. We extend our gratitude to Paul for providing an engaging theoretical and practical presentation, which added tremendous value to our learners' experience. We eagerly await his return to further enrich our training programs.

In other news, we were delighted to welcome James from Danbro, who visited our Liverpool cohort and shed a little more light on the umbrella payment mechanism widely used in the railway industry to remunerate Track Operatives. As a training centre committed to offering comprehensive support, we aim to go above and beyond by equipping our learners with essential knowledge beyond track maintenance, Sentinel, and Small Tools.

Understanding the payroll process not only enables our learners to make informed decisions but also strengthens their foundation as they embark on their careers "on track". We are dedicated to providing the best possible start for our learners, and James' visit exemplifies our commitment to their holistic development.

Finally, we were delighted to host Network Rail at our Liverpool Training Centre last week. The session revolved around Network Rail's powerful 'Step Up To Safety' initiative. Unlike traditional presentations, this immersive session profoundly emphasised the significance of safety and the consequences that can result from overlooking unsafe practices.

With just a few weeks remaining in their program before entering the workforce, our learners were fortunate to gain invaluable insights that have further enhanced their preparedness and safety consciousness. Drawing from the feedback of our learners, we would like to highlight the key takeaways from the thought-provoking 90-minute session:

  • You are the best measure of your safety

  • Challenge when you feel something is not right

  • Pause is preferred to stop

  • Everyone home safe

  • Orange Army

These takeaways resonate deeply with our learners, empowering them to become advocates for safety within their respective roles. Redstone Training remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a safety-conscious culture, equipping our learners with the skills and mindset necessary for a successful and secure career in the railway industry.

Overall, Redstone Training continues to lead the way in embracing innovation, empowering learners, and prioritising safety. The recent updates highlight our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements while nurturing the growth and development of our learners. With a focus on technological advancements, comprehensive training, and safety consciousness, Redstone Training is shaping the future of railway professionals, one step at a time.

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